2018 Office Giveaway Contest

Continuing to Connect the Counties

The fifth annual Office Giveaway is here. Professional Development Associates, Inc. (PDA, Inc.) loves what is happening in Northwest PA and this year we are continuing to grow the exciting entrepreneurial/business culture and keeping the contest regional. We are Continuing to Connect the Counties in Northwest Pennsylvania – Erie and Crawford – by giving away free office space at:

  • Palace Centre – 915 State Street, Erie, PA
  • Parkside Commons – 847 North Main St., Meadville, PA

Both Palace Centre and Parkside Commons are centrally located in the downtown areas of their respective city and offer great amenities: custom spaces, affordable rates (utilities included), and close to shopping, restaurants and other activities in the city.

This contest is a great opportunity for businesses and professionals, giving them the chance to succeed by having free office space for an entire year.

Palace Parkside 2018 Grab
Connecting the Counties: Palace Centre in Erie & Parkside Commons in Meadville
Atrium 2
Palace Centre Atrium
Palace Centre lower level kitchen
Palace Centre Kitchenette


Contestants are eligible to win up to 1,500 square feet of free office space for one year. Free space will be given away in BOTH locations.

All businesses are eligible: new businesses, existing businesses, a business that wants to expand and have multiple locations. The possibilities are endless.

Complete and submit the online entry form, and once it is submitted, call 814-451-1101 to arrange a tour of the location in which you are interested. All entrants must complete the tour to be eligible to win.

Office Space + More

For 2018, PDA, Inc., is working in collaboration with some of our tenants to offer even more to the winners.

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erie reader logo BULLMOOSE2 FC Half Gear Color Texture

In addition to free office space for a year, the winner at Palace Centre will receive:

  • A cake from McGreevey Cake Company
  • Two tickets to the Disrupt Erie Awards (Innovation Collaborative) on November 14, 2018, at The Brew Brothers located at Presque Isle Downs and Casino
  • A 20-30 minute private business strategy session with Dr. Lisa Miller of Resource and Governance Consulting
  • A one month online ad and a one-time print ad from the Erie Reader
  • A business website, SEO audit and consultation from Bull Moose Marketing

The winner at Parkside Commons will receive:

  • A cake from McGreevey Cake Company
  • Two tickets to the Disrupt Erie Awards (Innovation Collaborative) on November 14, 2018, at The Brew Brothers located at Presque Isle Downs and Casino
  • A 20-30 minute private business strategy session with Dr. Lisa Miller of Resource and Governance Consulting
  • A one month online ad and a one-time print ad from the Erie Reader
  • A business website, SEO audit and consultation from Bull Moose Marketing
  • A three-month nomad membership to Foundry Co-Work and two conference room hours

For more information call 814-451-1101.

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Enter the Office Giveaway

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All entries must be received by Friday, September 28, 2018, at 11:59 PM. Must tour location of interest by Friday, October 12, 2018, at 4:00 PM  

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Palace Centre, Erie, PA

Official Contest Rules

  • Contest is open to anyone, except previous recipients of free or discounted office space.
  • All entrants must complete the online entry form.
  • All entrants must tour the building they are interested in (after submitting the entry form). Call 814-451-1101 to arrange a tour.
  • The free office space may not exceed 1,500 square feet. If interested in a larger space, costs will apply.
  • If an applicant is an existing tenant of PDA, Inc., he or she may apply for the contest. Tenant must fulfill all terms of existing lease.
  • Winners must sign a one year lease at $0 rent and $0 security deposit.
  • Office space includes utilities as described in the current lease. 
  • Winners of office space must provide Certificate of Liability Insurance.
  • A panel of judges will choose the winners.
  • Deadline to submit entries is Friday, September 28, 2018, at 11:59 PM.
  • Deadline to tour building of choice is Friday, October 12, 2018 at 4:00 PM.
  • Winners will be announced Wednesday, October 24, 2018.
Past Winners
2017 winners + runner up

The 2017 Office Giveaway was very competitive and saw the largest number of applicants over the four years. The winner in Erie was Olympia Technologies and in Meadville was Foundry CoWork. Both of these recipients received free office space for a year at the respective location.

In addition, runner-up prizes were awarded to several business: either 6 months free rent or 12 months of discounted rent.

Last year's winners had this to say:

ot"Winning the Office Giveaway contest was more than just winning some free space. It opened up opportunities to network, become more involved in the small business community and without it, we would not have been able to launch our first project, Hippoh, the app to discover specials and happy hours, together.

Matthew Gawlik, CEO, Olympia Technologies, LLC



FC Half Gear Color Texture“Winning the 2017 Office Giveaway Competition kick-started my career and has given the community a space to work and collaborate. As a young, emerging entrepreneur, the contest gave me the opportunity to follow through with my big idea and see it to fruition. Since opening Foundry CoWork, I've been able to connect more than 35 members, host dozens of community events and conferences, encourage local people to do their best work together, and we even won New Business of the Year! Winning the Office Giveaway Contest has allowed me to focus on building my business and building relationships in this essential first-year. None of this could have happened without the physical space that the Office Giveaway provided.” 

Heather Fish, Owner Foundry Co-Work 

Runner-up winners also benefitted from the contest!

rcglogo"The Office Giveaway has been a great asset to my consulting company. I have a wonderful space to hold meetings and conferences with awesome views of the city. I am in the heart of downtown which makes lunch and dinner meetings incredibly easy. Almost any business service I need is offered right here in the Renaissance Centre, just steps away from my own office. The people who work in the building and do business here have been great connections. The building functions like its own little City Within a City with a wonderful network of people to meet, learn from and do business with. Moving my business here likely doubled the size of my network. I not only have more resources at my fingertips for my business, but I have also had great advertising and promotional opportunities to spread the word about what I offer. I’m always excited to see new businesses moving into the building and growing with those of us who already take advantage of the space, location and connections. Apply for the contest today and become part of the experience!"

Dr. Lisa Miller, Resource and Governance Consulting, LLC. - Runner up, 2017 Office Giveaway


BULLMOOSE2"People often joke that when it comes to having a successful business it's all about location, location, location, which is true for retail and a lot of service businesses. I really wasn't thinking about this for a marketing agency, but since moving our offices from Cambridge Springs to Parkside Commons, our booked revenue from new clients has shot through the roof. That's not a coincidence. When people realize we have offices at a prestigious location along Diamond Park in Meadville that makes a big difference in terms of our credibility in the eyes of clients. When they come to visit us they all mention in the same sentence how impressed they are with both the quality of our work and how 'cool' our space is. So, yeah, location does make a difference, even for a modern digital marketing firm."

Ron Mattocks and Josh Sherrets, Bull Moose Marketing

2016 winners

The 2016 Office Giveaway focused on women-owned businesses. Two women were awarded free office space for a year:

Lucia Conti and Tammy Lyn Fox

Lucia and her husband Greg own ErieMultimedia, a full service advertising agency. Tammy Lyn Fox is the owner of Taste of Zion Catering.

2015 winners

In 2015, the Office Giveaway focused on Veteran Owned Businesses. The winner of the contest was Boots on Ground, a non-profit agency who works with Veterans and their families suffering from PTSD.

weCreate Website Design and Marketing was awarded second place and received discounted rent.

2014 winners

The first ever Office Giveaway in Erie, kicked off on December 5, 2014. Radius CoWork received first place honors and the free office space for a year. The Erie Reader/Flagship Media, who was already located in Renaissance Centre, received second place which provided them the opportunity to expand their offices.